Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are downloaded to your computer or device when you visit a website. If enabled by your browser settings, these files are used to: help you navigate and access features of websites (“Strictly necessary cookies”); to collect data about your activity on websites in order to analyse or improve performance of that website (“Performance cookies”); to remember your preferences on websites (“Functionality cookies”); or to deliver relevant advertising or analyse the effectiveness of advertising on websites (“Targeting cookies”).

Some cookies are temporary cookies which only remain on your computer or device while you are using the website and are deleted once you leave the website or close your browser - these are called Session cookies. Other cookies remain on your computer or device for future use and expire after a set period of time - these are called Persistent cookies.

What cookies are used on this website?

The table below sets out the cookies used on this website, what type they are and what we use them for:

_dc_gtm_UA-This cookie is used by Google Tag Manager to load other scripts and code into a page. Without it, other scripts may not function correctly.Performance59 seconds
exp_csrf_tokenThis cookie is used by web security service Cloudflare to identify trusted web traffic.Strictly Necessary1 hour
exp_stashidThis cookie is used by our website content management system Expression Engine to successfully redirect users after form submissions.FunctionalitySession
_gaThis cookie is used by Google Universal Analytics to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in each page request in a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for the sites analytics reports.Performance2 years
_gidThis cookie is used by Google Universal Analytics to store information of how visitors use a website and helps in creating an analytics report of how the website is doing. The data collected including the number visitors, the source where they have come from, and the pages visited in an anonymous form.Performance1 day
exp_last_visitThis cookie is used by our website content management system Expression Engine to set the datetime that the user last visited the site.Performance11 months
exp_last_activityThis cookie is used by our website content management system Expression Engine. Every time the state is updated (the page reloaded) the last activity is set to the current datetime.Performance11 months
exp_trackerThis cookie is used by our website content management system Expression Engine to store users last 5 visited pages for error reporting and debugging.PerformanceSession
PHPSESSIDCookie generated by applications based on the PHP language. This is a general purpose identifier used to maintain user session variables.PerformanceSession
_gcl_auUsed by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services.Targeting2 months
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEThis cookie is set by Youtube to keep track of user preferences for Youtube videos embedded in sites. It can also determine whether the website visitor is using the new or old version of the Youtube interface.Targeting5 months
GPSThis cookie is set by Youtube to keep track of user location data.Targeting29 minutes
YSCThis cookie is set by YouTube to track views of embedded videos.PerformanceSession
IDEThis cookie carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website.Targeting1 year
CookieScriptConsentThis cookie is used to remember end user’s choices regarding cookies.Functionality30 days

How to manage cookies

Your cookie preferences can be updated through the cookie notice on this website. You can also manage cookies through your browser settings, and you can find instructions on how to do this in the privacy and help section of your browser’s website. Please be aware, however, that disabling cookies may interfere with the performance of this website as intended and you may not be able to fully access all features and services available.

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