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The Daft Q3 Rental Report is in!

The Q3 Rental Report has landed and the rise in rental prices shows no sign of slowing down. On average, rents nationwide have risen almost 4% in the last quarter. Between July and September, we have seen the biggest 12-month increase in average rent since 2002.

Nationwide Rental Statistics:


  • Rents in Dublin now are almost 10% higher on average than their previous peak in early 2008.
  • There were just over 1,400 Dublin homes available to rent on October 1st, over 200 fewer than on the same date a year earlier.


  • Rents were up in all 11 counties in Leinster. Outside Dublin, rents rose in the third quarter - typically by 4%.
  • Fewer than 750 homes were available to rent in Leinster on October 1st, down almost 150 on the same date a year earlier.


  • Rents increased by 3% in three months.
  • In Cork, rents are now 8% higher than their 2008 peak, while in Limerick they are 2% higher and in Waterford, they remain 6% lower.


  • Rents rose by between 3% and 5% from July to October across Connacht and the three Ulster counties.
  • The monthly cost of a double room in Galway and in Ulster has risen by 10% in the last year - although elsewhere in Connacht, it rose by just 4%.

To view the full Q3 Rental Report click here

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